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As a member of the Philadelphia Council, you can participate in programs and special activities which support the men and women of the sea services and provide information and programs to educate our community about the importance of sea power to our nation’s security and continued economic well being. We have adopted the USS Philadelphia and the Philadelphia Coast Guard Station, which give us an opportunity to provide direct, hands-on support to the men and women who work for our freedom. Other initiatives include local and national scholarship programs, support of our Sea Cadets, and sponsorship of other youth programs. In addition, you will receive our Council newsletter, our Council E-Mailgrams, and discounts to many Council sponsored events.

On a more personal note, membership in the Philadelphia Council will offer you a networking opportunity with military, community and business leaders. You will enjoy the camaraderie of our members as we work together to fulfill the mission of the Navy League, or simply enjoy each other’s company in different social settings.

National Membership

National Membership provides you with value-added/discounted merchandise and services not available to the general public.


Our monthly journal publishes a diverse range of articles to educate the American people, their elected representatives, and industry on the need for robust naval and maritime forces. This publication features respected expert interviews and articles by senior uniformed and civilian officials, as well as documents key developments in major ship, aircraft, weapons, and doctrinal programs. Monthly feature columns also convey current news relating to major naval policy and political developments, the sea services, the U.S. industrial base, and international developments.


The official almanac of the Navy League of the United States (NLUS)

Members, procurement decision-makers in the defense market, senior officials of the Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and U.S. Flag Merchant Marine, Congress, and the Departments of Defense and Transportation read and keep this informative annual.


The annual spring three-day event that brings together key military decision makers, the major players in the defense industry and Navy Leaguers for a look at the latest maritime technology.


This members-only area features council homepages, news, a calendar of events, a membership directory, a “My profile” page, and reports (for qualified users). Registration is free and available only to current members.

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Navy League’s Ship’s Store is the official provider of Navy League logo merchandise. For a catalog or to place an order, call 1.866.640.NLUS (6587) or order online here.

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You do not need prior service in the Navy (or any other branch) to become a member of the Navy League.

However, non-active-duty members (both prior-military and passionately interested civilians) and eligible for membership. All it takes is the desire to become part of an organization that is known as the nation’s watchdogs for the sea services and track issues regarding military preparedness, modernization, and all other matters relative to maintaining U.S. strength at sea. Members of the Navy League are also recognized for their integrity, patriotism, and community service, especially on the waterfront. Additionally, we conduct educational programs promoting a second-to-none sea service and support for the people who serve and their families. Although current active-duty personnel cannot become members, their spouses, family members, and inactive reservists are indeed invited to join.

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